Access to health care

2019-05-19 11:43:22

ag视讯平台官网As a comprehensive pharmaceuticalenterprise which integrates medical manufacture,health care,circulation and retail,We take health for all as our unswerving objective, and provide new solutionsto the people's health with continually innovative products and medical serviceprograms.

n  Highlights

ž   ag视讯平台官网By the end of 2018,GYBYS had built 78R&D institutions(9 types) such as national R&D institutions andnational enterprise technology centers

ž   In 2018,we received 2 drug productionapprovals and 6 clinical approvals

ž   We applied f or 125 patents,and we were authorized with 52 patents

ž   2017,Baiyunshan General Factory joinedhands with iSEEK PH Hope Center to start the love aid themed on "JinGeNew Life Program for Patients with Blue Lips",benefits to 1,715 patients withpulmonary hypertension.

ž   ag视讯平台官网In 2018 ,we invested RMB 19,000 intotal,and provided training for over 400 primary physicians.

n  OurApproach to Access to healthcare

We takes "caring for life and pursuing excellence" as the mission,and gives full play to its own resources superiorityin healthcare industry. Based on continuous research and development of innovativedrugs,the Group adopts a fair and reasonable pricing policy,actively helps withthe development of primary care,carries out medical public benefitactivities,and passes health knowledge and pharmaceutical products to patientsin need.

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