Ethics and transparency

2019-05-18 11:44:08 ag视讯平台官网


ag视讯平台官网Transparent and non-corrupt business modelis a reliable guarantee for us to keep evergreen. We try to make our businessmodel more transparent and risk-controlled.

n  Highlights

ž   In 2018,the Group independently conducted1,645 times of supplier audit.

ž   ag视讯平台官网GYBYS officially founded "GYBYS LegalCompliance Club" in 2018.

n  OurApproach to Ethics And Transparency

ag视讯平台官网We will adhere to fair businessphilosophy,continuously carry out corruption supervision,and realize zerocorruption. We will abide by the code of ethics,further identify the compliancemanagement risks,drive suppliers to fulfill social responsibility, and build amedical health responsibility-based supply chain. We will respect biological ethicalstandards,implement responsible clinical practices,and build a fair andtransparent business environment.

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