Corporate social responsibility

2019-05-20 14:30:53 ag视讯平台官网

n  Oursustainability ambition

We will continue to adhere to theresponsibility idea of "spreading love all over the world",and contributeour wisdom and strength to human health.

n  Sustainable development strategy andmanagement

We adhere to the responsibility idea of"spreading love all over the world",integrate it into enterprisedevelopment strategy,form the social responsibility work route of"strategy in advance" "internalpractice" ag视讯平台官网 "external communication",andstrengthen the promotion and management of social responsibility indicatorssystem,management system and ESG.

n  Oursustainability area

ag视讯平台官网Our sustainability area includes four majorareas: Access to healthcare, Ethics And Transparency, Environmental Protectionand Sustainability Foundations.